Why us?

PC Perfect was founded in 2011 by Dan Williamson in Lansing, Michigan. One of the main reasons for opening PC Perfect was that it seemed every person you come across has a horror story about dealing with a repair place. Because of bad experiences that people (including myself) have had when dealing with professionals in the service industry I felt compelled to build and honest and affordable store where people would be able to take their electronics for hassle-free repair. We’re here to help you and try to make your experience the most pleasant it can be.


PC Perfect has some of, if not, the most competitive pricing around. Overpricing for services in the repair industry is all too common. We are just a small store so we are able to offer you very affordable pricing on all of our services that we offer. It just doesn’t seem sensible to charge someone over $100 to remove a virus or perform a simple repair when the average cost of a new entry level desktop computer is around $350. Please feel free to call us any time to request a quote and we will do our best to give you an accurate price or a price range over the phone or by using our live chat tool.

Commitment to Excellence

PC Perfect is competitive yet affordable but we do not allow that to compromise the level of our service. Our friendly and helpful staff are committed to going above and beyond what is required to complete whatever repair you may need. We gladly answer any questions about services we have or may perform for you and are eager and willing to help you, the customer. It is our mission to help resolve your problems and complete repairs within a timely manner. We want to change your view of the computer repair industry to a positive one.