How to Arrange Home Screen on Iphone Ios 14

To arrange the home screen on iPhone iOS 14, press and hold an app icon until it enters wiggle mode. Then, tap and drag the app to your desired location on the screen, and release to place it.

In the latest iOS 14 update, Apple introduced the ability to customize the home screen with widgets, allowing users to personalize their iPhone experience like never before. By adding widgets, changing app icons, and using the App Library, users can create a more personalized and organized home screen.

Whether you want to declutter your home screen, prioritize certain apps or stay updated with relevant information at a glance, iOS 14 offers plenty of options for customization. We will explore how to arrange the home screen on iPhone iOS 14 in a few simple steps.

How to Arrange Home Screen on Iphone Ios 14


Understanding Ios 14 Update

Understanding iOS 14 Update:

iOS 14 brings a host of exciting changes, including a revamped home screen layout. The update focuses on user customization and efficiency, allowing you to organize and personalize your iPhone like never before.

Key Features of iOS 14:

  • App Library: The new App Library automatically organizes your apps into categories, making it easier to find and access them.
  • Widgets: iOS 14 introduces resizable widgets that can be placed on your home screen, providing quick access to information from your favorite apps.
  • App Clips: With App Clips, you can experience parts of an app without downloading the whole app, ideal for quick interactions and transactions.
  • Picture-in-Picture: You can now continue watching videos or conducting FaceTime calls while using other apps, thanks to the picture-in-picture feature.
  • Compact Calls: Incoming calls no longer take up the entire screen, allowing you to continue using your iPhone without interruption.

Changes to Home Screen Layout:

The most notable change to the home screen layout in iOS 14 is the introduction of widgets. These widgets can be personalized and resized to provide glanceable information at a glance. You can also create Smart Stacks, which intelligently show relevant widgets based on your usage patterns. Additionally, the App Library automatically organizes your apps into categories, reducing clutter and making app discovery easier. These changes give you more control over your home screen and allow for a more personalized and efficient user experience.

How to Arrange Home Screen on Iphone Ios 14


Organizing Apps

Learn how to arrange your home screen on iOS 14 with these simple steps to effectively organize your apps on your iPhone. Customize your layout and optimize your accessibility for a smoother and more efficient experience.

Creating App Folders: Long press on an app, select “Edit Home Screen,” drag and drop to create folders.
Arranging Apps Using Smart Stack: Enable Smart Stack by selecting the option while creating a new widget.

Utilizing Widgets

Enhance your iPhone iOS 14 home screen by utilizing widgets to customize layouts and access key information efficiently. Widgets offer flexibility in arranging apps, widgets, and shortcuts for a personalized and organized user experience. Experiment with different widget sizes and styles to create a visually appealing and functional home screen design.

Introduction to Widgets Customizing Widgets on Home Screen
Widgets offer unique functionality on iPhone home screens. Personalize your widgets with various sizes and designs.
Simply tap and hold on the home screen to add widgets. Drag and drop to rearrange widgets for easy access.
Stay organized by grouping widgets based on categories. Quickly glance at important information with widget updates.

Personalizing With Shortcuts

In iOS 14, you have the ability to arrange your iPhone’s home screen in a more personalized and efficient way. One of the key features that allows for this customization is the use of shortcuts. By creating custom shortcuts, you can access your favorite apps, contacts, and actions with just a single tap. These shortcuts can be added to your home screen or even organized into folders for easy access. Furthermore, you can utilize shortcuts to enhance your home screen by adding widgets, creating specific app layouts, or automating frequently performed tasks. With iOS 14, arranging your home screen has never been easier, providing a seamless and personalized user experience.

Enhancing Aesthetics

Enhancing the aesthetics of your iPhone home screen can be achieved by carefully choosing wallpaper and themes. Utilize custom icons to personalize the look and feel of your apps, creating a unique and visually appealing layout. Consider selecting wallpapers that complement your app icons, and exploring themes that reflect your style and preferences. Take advantage of the iOS 14 update to rearrange and organize your home screen according to your workflow and usage patterns. By customizing your iPhone home screen, you can create a visually pleasing and personalized experience every time you unlock your device.

Optimizing User Experience

In iOS 14, optimizing user experience can be achieved by arranging the home screen efficiently. Utilizing the App Library allows for a tidy and organized home screen by categorizing apps automatically. Additionally, customizing the Control Center ensures quick access to essential settings and functionalities, enhancing user convenience. By utilizing these features, users can have a seamless and personalized experience with their iPhone.

How to Arrange Home Screen on Iphone Ios 14



To sum up, organizing your home screen on iPhone iOS 14 is a breeze with the newly introduced customization options. From widgets to Smart Stacks, you now have the power to tailor your home screen to your preferences and needs.

By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can create a personalized and efficient user experience. Start exploring the endless possibilities today and make your iPhone truly your own. Happy organizing!